Neb Class 12 Final Question Paper 2079 with Solution | Compulsory English Class 12 Province 3 | Old is Gold 12


Neb Class 12 Final Question Paper 2079 with Solution | Compulsory English Class 12 Province 3 by Suraj Bhatt
Neb English Support Class 12

Neb Class 12 Final Question Paper 2079 with Solution | Compulsory English Class 12 | Old is Gold 12

Compulsory English Final Question 2079



2079 (2022)

Compulsory English (New course)

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Time: 3 hrs.

Full Marks: 75


Attempt all the questions

1. Read the following text and complete the tasks that follow. 15

Today, bicycles are elegantly simple machines that are common around the world. Many people ride bicycles for recreation, whereas others use them as a means of transportation. The first bicycle, called a draisienne, was invented in Germany in 1818 by Baron Karl de Drais de Sauerbrun. Because it was made of wood, the draisienne wasn't very durable nor did it have pedals. Riders moved it by pushing their feet against the ground. In 1839, Kirkpatrick Macmillan, a Scottish blacksmith, invented a much better bicycle. Macmillan's machine had tires with iron rims to keep them from getting worn down. He also used foot-operated cranks, similar to pedals, so his bicycle could be ridden at a quick pace. It didn't look much like the modern bicycle, though, because its back wheel was substantially large than its front wheel. Although Machmillan's bicycles could be ridden easily, they were never produced in large numbers. In 1861, Frenchman Pierre Michaux and his brother Ernest invented a bicycle with an improved crank mechanism. They called their bicycle a velocipede, but most people called it a "bone shaker" because of the jarring effect of the wood and iron frame. Despite the unflattering nickname, Velocipede was a hit. After a few years, the Michaux family was making hundreds of the machines annually, mostly for fun-seeking young people.

Ten years later, James Starley, an English inventor, made several innovations that revolutionized bicycle design. He made the front wheel many times larger than the back wheel, put a gear on the pedals to make the bicycle more efficient, and lightened the wheels by using wire spokes. Although this bicycle was much lighter and less tiring to ride, it was still clumsy, extremely top-heavy, and ridden mostly for entertainment. It wasn't until 1874 that the first truly modern bicycle appeared on the scene. Invented by another Englishman, H.J.Lawson, the safety bicycle would look familiar to today's cyclists. The safety bicycle had equal-sized wheels, which made it much less prone to toppling over. Lawson also attached a chain to the pedals to drive the rear wheel. By 1993, the safety bicycle had been further improved with air-filled rubber tires, a diamond-shaped frame, and easy braking. With the improvements provided by Lawson, bicycles became extremely popular and useful for transportation. Today, they are built, used, and enjoyed all over the world.

A. Look at the highlighted words in the text. Complete the following sentences using them. Two of them are not necessary. 5x1=5

a. The invention of bicycle improved travel.

b. The invention of bicycle revolutionized the way of life.

c. The fields next to the school are always used for recreation.

d. Unfortunately, her movements were rather clumsy 

e. The old stone steps had been worn down by years of use.

B. Read the text again and write

TRUE if the statement agrees with the information given in the text.

FALSE if the statement contradicts the information given in the text. 

NOT GIVEN if there is no information in the text. 5x1=5

a. The pedalled bicycle was first invented in Germany. FALSE

b. Macmillan's bicycle resembled today's bicycle. FALSE

c. The alternation of velocipedes made the life of people much easier. NOT GIVEN

d. The changes made by British inventors altered the wheels to make pedalling more efficient. TRUE

e. Chain-driven bicycles were first made in France. FALSE

C. Answer the following questions. 5x1=5

a. How did the riders move 'draisiene'?


The riders moved 'draisiene' by pushing their feet against the ground.

b. What improvements were made to the bicycle invented in 1839?


The following improvements were made to the bicycle invented in 1839.

▪︎  It had tires and iron rims.

▪︎  It had foot-operated cranks, similar to pedals.

▪︎  The wheel at back was large in size.

c. Why do you think Macmillan used iron rims in his machine?


I think Macmillan used iron rims in his machine to keep it from getting worn down.

d. What can be assumed from the text?


The following things can be assumed from the text:

▪︎The history and chronological development in the inventions of bicycle. 

▪︎The contributions of different inventors in inventing bicycle. 

e. What is the purpose of the text?


The purpose of the text is to give information to all the readers regarding the chronological inventions and development of bicycle in the world. 





2. Write short answers to the following questions based on the textbook. 5x2=10

a) What does 'fractured dialogue' mean in the story? (Neighbours)


The "fractured dialogue" in the story means the broken and colloquial language which the neighbours of the new couple speak most of the time. During winter, the new couple hear their varieties of stories and seem so intoxicated in their fractured dialogues and even involve themselves in shouting along with them.


1. Neighbours by Tim Winton Detailed Summary

Neighbours by Tim Winton Short Summary & Questions and Answers

b) What in your opinion is the moral of the story The Treasure in the Forest'?


The moral of the story "The Treasure in the Forest" is that we shouldn't be greedy. Greed invites destructive results all the time. Due to the greed of Ivans and Hooker, they have lost lost their lives at the end.


4. The Treasure in the Forest by H. G Wells Detailed Summary

The Treasure in the Forest by H. G. Wells Short Summary & Questions and Answers

c) Explain the following lines with reference to the context: (I Was My Own Route)

At each advancing step on my route forward

my back was ripped by the desperate flapping wings of the old guard.


In the second stanza, the speaker states that her forward advancing new route still has full of obstacles to traditional patriarchal norms and values. For her, the desperate flapping wings (patriarchal norms and values) of the old guard (traditionalist) are still obstacles on her way ahead. Due to all these, she feels broken. These obstacles of the old guard are still with her on the new paths that have ripped her back. The path which she has chosen right now even has obstacles of patriarchal norms and values.


3. I was My Own Route by Julia de Burgos Detailed Summary

I was My Own Route by Julia de Burgos Short Summary & Questions and Answers

d) In what way is marriage an institution? Explain. (Marriage as a Social Institution)


Marriage is an institution as it is culturally patterned and integrated into other basic social institutions, such as education, economy, and politics.


2. Marriage as a Social Institution by Stephen L. Nock

Marriage as a Social Institution Short Summary & Solution

e) What are the universal human abilities? (Humility)


According to the essay, morality, art, spirituality, and creativity are universal human abilities.


4. Humility by Yuval Noah Harari Summary

Humility by Yuval Noah Harari Questions and Answers

3. Write long answers to the following questions. 2x5=10

a) How can you say that 'Facing Death' is a modern tragedy? (Facing Death)


By modern tragedy, we mean a play dealing with tragic events and having an unhappy ending, especially one concerning the downfall of the main character.

The play "Facing Death"  is a modern tragedy as it ends with the tragic death of the protagonist Mr. Durand.  Modern tragedy deals with realistic representations and common problems.  Realism and naturalism are the main features of modern play.

The protagonist of a modern tragedy is a common man. Furthermore, modern tragedy deals with the problems of the modern individual such as dysfunctional family relationships, socio-cultural problems, loneliness, etc.  Characters become victims of their socio-cultural environment, fate, economic class, gender, external environment, etc.

Here in this play, we find the exact features of modern tragedy. This play has presented the life of common modern man with an immense crisis in his life. Due to economic hardships, he has been suffering a lot along with his three daughters. In the play, we can easily find problems of bad relationships and poor economic status. Mr. Durand, a common modern man has suffered a lot due to economic difficulties. This play also ends with the tragic downfall of the main character Mr. Durand. He kills himself and even burns his house for the welfare of his three daughters. This play has presented realism as well as naturalism.


Facing Death by August Strindberg Short Summary & Questions and Answers

b) Gabriel Gracia Marquez illustrates the themes of abuse and cruelty in the story 'An Old Man with Enormous Wings'. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your opinion with reference to the context. (An Old Man with Enormous Wings)


Yes, I agree with this statement. Here, the story's author Gabriel Gracia Marquez illustrates the theme of abuse and cruelty by presenting an old weak man with enormous wings and his plight in front of many people. Due to old man's strange appearance, the crowd of people queue in front of Pelayo and Elisenda's house. The story has examined the human response to those who are weak, dependent, and different. The story shows human nature-related curiosity, greed and cruelty.

Here, we find abuse and cruelty of people who come to watch the old man from different places. They try to harass the old man doing various bad deeds. Their curiosity makes them do bad things against the old man. As a weak and old guy, the old man remains motionless inside his coop. But the crowd of people try their best to disturb him. They prod him with hot iron pokers when they find him inactive. They try to pull out his feathers to touch defective parts and throw stones at him to make him stand. The miserable old man responds in anger, flapping his wings and yelling in his strange language.

Here, the nature of humans has presented the bitter reality that powerful beings always show their cruelty and abuse against weak as well as powerless beings.


7. A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Detailed Summary

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Short Summary & Questions and Answers

4. 'Social Media' can have both positive and negative effects. Write your views on social media in about 150 words. 7

Social media is a modern platform that has become quite popular these days because of its user-friendly features. Various platforms of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more are providing people with a chance to connect across distances. In the present time, the youths are especially one of the most dominant users of social media. Talking about the use of social media, different people have different opinions on this debatable topic. So here in this essay, we will see the advantages and disadvantages of social media.

Advantages of Social Media

If we talk about the positive aspect of social media, we find numerous advantages. Following are the advantages of social media 

1. Social media is one of the most important as well as a fine way to achieve education. With the help of social media, students can easily acquire educational ideas. They can educate themselves on varieties of topics using social media.

2. Students can get a chance to learn online through the use of social media. They can attend any live lectures sitting inside their rooms.

3. With the help of social media, people can get news, views and reviews. They can always update themselves on the latest happenings of the world through it. They get a chance to be more socially aware of the issues of the world.

4. Social media strengthens bonds with our loved ones. Because of social media, distance is not a big deal anymore. We can easily communicate with our friends as well as relatives overseas.

5. Social media also provides a great platform for people to showcase their talent for free. People can get great opportunities for employment & entertainment through social media too.

6. Social media benefits companies who wish to promote their brands. Social media has become a hub for advertising and offered us great opportunities for connecting with the customer.

Disadvantages of Social Media

Despite having so many unique benefits, social media is also considered one of the most harmful elements of the society.

Following are the disadvantages of social media.

1. Social media has become an addiction for school-going children. Students uselessly spend their time on social media forgetting their educational tasks. 

2. Social media invades your privacy like never before. Due to social media, most illegal activities are increasing in our society. Cyber bullying is one of the problems in the present time.

3. Most people are on the wrong track due to social media. Youths' minds are corrupted due to open and free pornography videos on social media. 

4. Illegal activities like harassment, abuse, blackmailing etc are done on social media. Fake news, rumours etc divert people's minds most of the time.

Thus, we must take advantage of social media. We should not use social media for bad works. If we Misuse it, it will have adverse effects on us.

5. Write a letter to the editor of a national daily newspaper on environmental pollution in about 180 words. 8


Date: 2079/02/16
Tripura Sundari Rural Municipality
Sindhupalchok (Nepal)

The editor of
National Daily Newspaper 

Subject: Environment Pollution 

Respected Sir, 

Today, I would like to write about the number one problem of the present world which is environmental pollution. 

Pollution means impurity of land, air, water, food etc. Now, human beings are facing the problem of pollution because of the high population growth, large scale of unmanaged industries in the human settlements etc. People are ignorant of pollution. They are making their surroundings polluted by doing different activities. It is not the problem of a single country. It is widespread all over the world. It has created many problems. People have suffered from different kinds of diseases caused by environmental pollution. Air, water, land, food etc. are the most important elements of living things. When these elements are polluted, it creates many problems.

Human beings are the main cause of environmental pollution. The population is increasing day by day. People have moved to the forest where they cut trees for settlement and cultivation. Many kinds of wild animals and birds are disappearing. Soil erosion, desertification, landslide etc. have been common. The source of water has dried up. In city areas, there are no open places for recreation. Houses can be seen everywhere. We can see heaps of garbage everywhere. Air is mixed with smoke caused by vehicles and industries. There is also sound pollution. Many people have lost their hearing power. Men are born crippled, blind, dull etc. People cannot get fresh air to breathe. There is a lack of fresh water to drink. Food is also polluted. It has been too late to solve the problem. Population growth should be controlled. Industries, factories etc. should be set up far from the city places. Environment education should be given to the people. Forest should be protected. The government should make strong laws for those people who pollute the environment.

6. Compared to online teaching and learning, students learn much better with their physical presence in the classroom. To what extent do you agree with this statement? Write an essay in about 300 words expressing your opinion. 10


I fully agree with this statement. In the comparison of online as well as digital teaching and learning, the classroom teaching and learning method in presence of students is far better.

I think there are various pros of classroom teaching that online education will find hard to replace. Following are the pros of classroom teaching and learning.

1. Classroom teaching and learning activities always promote a collaborative learning system. This type of learning increases students' self-awareness about how other students learn and enables them to learn more easily and effectively. It transforms the students into keen learners inside and beyond the classroom.

2. Classroom teaching and learning activities enhance critical thinking skills. It allows students a fine opportunity to engage themselves in live discussions in which they are forced to use their critical thinking skills to formulate opinions or arguments.

3. Classroom teaching and learning activities Improve the social skills of the students. In the classroom, students experience social interactions with peers and establish rapport with teachers. 

4. Classroom teaching and learning activities build organisational skills among the students. It teaches students the way to develop organizational skills, beginning with the basics, such as arriving at school on time. In the classroom, students get a chance to engage themselves in various tasks. 

5. These activities keep students stimulated. A teacher's physical presence motivates students through interactive and interesting activities.  It enables students to retain more than what they have learned during a session. Teachers can modify their teaching style based on the type of learners in their class i.e. classroom activities can help visual learners, conversations can help auditory learners, etc.  Teachers can get a clear idea of whether students are following what has been taught or need further clarification. Also, students can get their doubts cleared immediately before proceeding with any subject.

6. Classroom teaching and learning activities develop important personality and career-building skills. When it comes to presenting their ideas confidently in front of peers, classroom teaching develops conflict resolution skills, and presentation skills develop team spirit and teach them to get along with people from different cultural backgrounds. Such experiences are quite valuable in shaping students' communication and listening skills, as well as growing and maturing emotionally.

7. Do as indicated in the brackets and rewrite the sentences. 10x1=10

a) The cool breeze blew ..... on her face. (Complete the sentence with an appropriate adverb.)


b) All the celebrations and parties were called..................because of the tragic accident. (Put the correct preposition in the blank.)


c) The food is really good at that restaurant. They......... (will/can/must/should) have a great chef. (Choose the correct option from the bracket to complete the sentence.)


d) The master along with his three servants................ (is/am/are) going to the court. (Choose the correct verb from the bracket to complete the sentence.)



Subject: verb Agreement

e) His company is greatly.............after. (Complete the sentence using the correct form of the verb 'seek'.)


f) We look forward to........ (hear/hearing) from you soon. (Choose the correct option from the bracket to complete the sentence.)


g)..................he is rich, he is always dressed in rags. (Put correct conjunction in the blank to complete the sentence.)


h) He is the man......... (who/whom/whose) son plays football for Three Star Club. (Choose the correct option from the bracket to complete the sentence.)


i) I want my students to respect me. (Change into passive.)

: I want to be respected by my students. 

j) Did you hear me? (Report this with the reporting clause: She asked.........)

: She asked if I had heard her.

8. Choose and copy the correct answer. 5x1=5

a) Which of the following words has a different final sound?

(ii) boys

(i) cats

(iii) girls

(iv) houses


b) The initial sound in the word 'maple' is transcribed as .............

(i) /m/

(ii) /n/

(iii) /p/

(iv) /s/

(i) /m/

c) Prices seem to....... every year.

i) raise

(ii) rise

(iii) raised

(iv) rose

(ii) rise

d) The word 'attire' means......................

i) extremely good

(ii) clothes, especially fine or formal ones,

(iii) thin and easily torn

(iv) clear

ii) clothes, especially fine or formal ones.

e) My car .............. while I was driving.

i) broke up

ii) broke off

(iii) broke down

(iv) broke in

(iii) broke down

                           The End 


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