Compulsory English Model Question Paper Class 12 Board 2079 | New Course by Suraj Bhatt


Compulsory English Model Question Paper Class 12 Board 2079 | New Course by Suraj Bhatt
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Compulsory English Model Question Paper Class 12 Board 2079 | New Course by Suraj Bhatt

Compulsory English Model Question Paper    


Compulsory English XII

Full Marks: 75

Time: 3 hours

Subject: Compulsory English (ENG. 004)

                         Grade: XII


Attempt ALL the questions.

1. Read the text and do the activities that follow. [15]

Nowadays most people realise that it's risky to use credit card numbers online. However, from time to time, we all use passwords and government ID numbers on the Internet. We think we are safe, but that may not be true! A new kind of attack is being used by dishonest people to steal IDs and credit card numbers from innocent websurfers. This new kind of attack is called "phishing."

Phishing sounds the same as the word "fishing" and it implies that a thief is trying to lure people into giving away valuable information. Like real fishermen, phishers use bait in the form of great online deals or services. For example, phishers might use fake emails and false websites to con people into revealing credit card numbers, account usernames, and passwords. They imitate well-known banks, online sellers, and credit card companies. Successful phishers may convince as many as five percent of the people they contact to respond and give away their personal financial information.

Is this really a big problem? Actually, tricking five percent of the online population is huge! Currently, more than 350 million people have access to the Internet, and seventy five percent of those Internet users live in the wealthiest countries on Earth. It has been estimated that phishers send more than three billion scam messages each year. Even by tricking only five percent of the people, phishers can make a lot of money.

Since there is so much money to make through this kind of scam, it has caught the interest of more than just small-time crooks. Recently, police tracked down members of an organized phishing group in Eastern Europe, who had stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from people online. The group created official-looking email messages requesting people to update their personal information at an international bank's website. However, the link to the bank in the message actually sent people to the phishers' fake website. To make matters worse, further investigation revealed that this group had connections to a major crime gang in Russia.

How can innocent people protect themselves? Above all, they have to learn to recognise email that has been sent by a phisher. Always be wary of any email with urgent requests for personal financial information. Phishers typically write upsetting or exciting, but fake, statements in their emails so that people will reply right away. Also, messages from phishers will not address recipients by name because they really don't know who the recipients are yet. On the other hand, valid messages from your bank or other companies you normally deal with will typically include your name.

A. Choose the correct answer. [5x1=5]

a) 'Some dishonest people try to steal other people's credit card numbers. What does 'dishonest' mean here?

i) truthful  ii) having honesty  ii) untruthful


ii) untruthful

b) When the box is delivered, you should open it.......................

i) track down  ii) right away  iii) con into


iii) right away

c) The comedian can imitate the voice of the president well. Here the word imitate' is synonymous with the word.................

i) convince   ii) copy    ii) change


ii) copy

d) What can I do to convince you that I'm not lying?" Here the word 'convince' is opposite to.................

i) persuade      ii) induce      ii) dissuade


i) persuade

e) Phishers send more than three billion scam messages each year. What does 'scam' mean?

i) an illegal trick, usually to steal money

ii) a thing used to attract or tempt

ii) needing immediate attention


i) an illegal trick, usually to steal money


B. Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the list. [0.5x10 = 5]

financial, private, gangs, Internet, lure, tracked, convince, wary, risky, crooks

Giving personal information over the Internet has always been.........., now it's even more so with the new..............scam, phishing. Phishers first but.................innocent people into a scam by making up fake emails. With this bait, they..............some of the people they contact to give away...........information. These Internet criminals are not just small-time...................... Police investigations have recently................... down organised phishing groups in Eastern Europe with connections to crime............... in Russia. People must be..............of any urgent emails requesting................information.


a. risky

b. internet

c. lure

d. convince

e. private

f. crooks

g. tracked

h. gangs

i. wary

j. financial 

C. Answer the following questions.[5x1=5]

a) What is the main purpose of the reading?


The main purpose of this reading is to alert innocent websurfers about a new kind of attack by dishonest people which is called Phishing.

b) To which activity is phishing compared?


Phishing is compared with the activity of fishing where a fisherman lure fish by applying bait in hook.

c) What is implied about the people who get caught in phishing scams?


The people who get caught in phishing scams must wary about future cheats by scammers and try to aware others.

d) Who was behind the Eastern European phishing scam?


Members of an organized phishing group was behind the Eastern European phishing scam. 

e) What could be the suitable title of this text?


The suitable title of this text could be "Awareness and Acts against Phishers".

2. Write short answers to the following questions. [5x2=10]

a) Who were Evan and Hooker and where were they heading? (The Treasure in the Forest)


Evan and Hooker were two English treasure hunters and they were heading towards a desolate island in search of Spanish treasure. 


4. The Treasure in the Forest by H. G Wells Detailed Summary

The Treasure in the Forest by H. G. Wells Short Summary & Questions and Answers

b) How does Lu Xun create a feeling of nostalgia in the story? (My Old Home)


Lu Xun creates a feeling of nostalgia in the story by expressing his feelings regarding his old home, friends and relatives. His feeling of nostalgia are mainly created through his reminiscences of his past in the story.


5. My Old Home by Lu Xun Detailed Summary

My Old Home by Lu Xun Short Summary & Questions and Answers

c) How does the speaker describe the morning sun? (A Day)


The speaker describes the morning sun in a very simple manner using various imageries in the poem. According to him/her, when the sun rises, a ribbon in the sky appears, the steeples of Churches seem voilet in colour, the morning news of sun rise is as fast as squirrels' run, the hills untie their bonnets and the bobolinks start singing their melodious songs.


1. A Day by Emily Dickinson Detailed Summary

A Day by Emily Dickinson Short Summary & Questions and Answers

d) What is the theme of the poem I was my Own Route? (I was my Own Route)


The main theme of the poem I was my Own Route is women's intimate and deep liberation from dominant masculinity prevalent in the society. This poem has presented the feministic ideas where we can find rebels done by a woman against the social injustice of the contemporary time. 


3. I was My Own Route by Julia de Burgos Detailed Summary

I was My Own Route by Julia de Burgos Short Summary & Questions and Answers

e) How is the relationship between Monsieur and his wife? (Facing Death)


The relationship between Monsieur and his wife isn't good at all. His wife is no more but due to this woman's carelessness and foolish speculation, Monsier has lost his ancestral and the maternal property. Due to her bad and tricky acts, he has become the subject of hatred for his three daughters. 


Facing Death by August Strindberg Short Summary & Questions and Answers

3. Write long answers to the following questions. [2x5=10)

a) How do you think that 'A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings' is a work of magical realism? Discuss. (A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings)


I think that 'A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings' is a work of magical realism. This story is a fine piece of magical realism where we can find various events which are based on magical realism. 

Some of the factors of magical realism used in the story are as follows:

1. The strange old man with enormous wings:

When Pelayo first encounters the strange old man with enormous wings in a pitiable state in his muddy courtyard, he is amazed and frightened. Here the strange old man with wings seems quite magical because it is difficult to believe a man with wings. 


2. Magical prediction of Neighbouring woman:

The predicted word  "angel" for the strange old man with wings by the neighbouring woman seems quite magical because our world is quite beyond these myths.

3. The gruff and incomprehensible dialect of strange old:

The strange old man uses typical gruff and incomprehensible dialect in different situations. This strange dialect seems quite magical because I have only found such kind of language in fictitious movies.

4. The woman's transformation into a spider:

The story has presented the transformation of the woman into a spider due to the lightning bolt of brimstone. This transformation of a human into a bigger spider also seems magical because this kind of transformation isn't possible in the real world.


7. A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Detailed Summary

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Short Summary & Questions and Answers

b) How is marriage a social institution? Discuss. (Marriage as a Social Institution)


Marriage is a social institution. We can find a very clear definition of marriage from any sociologist. The definition of marriage differs from person to person. 

It is generally defined as a legal union between two people of different sexes with a personal relationship, residential cohabitation, economic cooperation, the formation of a nuclear family bearing children and the fulfilment of sexual needs.

It is taken as an institution as it follows established laws, practices, norms, traditions which are important for society.  People legally form such entities to meet their needs from different people, places and things.

People of different genders fulfil their needs and desires by being accepted in society by following the social norms and values.  Marriage is a universal event.

The practice of marriage has been going on in every country, every society and every tribe since the beginning of human civilization.  It is permanent and lasts forever till the end of human civilization.

The concept of marriage is dynamic as the arrangement of marriage in the past is not the same as in the present.

Child marriage was accepted in the olden days.  But it is not accepted at present.  At present, widows get married easily which was rare earlier.  Transgender marriage is also currently legal.  Transgender marriage is also legal, it gives legal rights like birth certificates, citizenship certification to the children born to the married couple, it is accepted by religion, law and other social institutions.


2. Marriage as a Social Institution by Stephen L. Nock

Marriage as a Social Institution Short Summary & Solution

4. Write a short story using the outline in about 150 words. Give a suitable title. [7]

midnight..heard a sound...backyard...strange bushes..frightened the creature spoke...requested.....helped the go back to his world


Unexpected Meeting with a Terrible Species 

Last night, I had an amazing experience. During midnight, I got up from my bed and moved towards my rest room to piss. While I was in my rest room, I heard quite strange sound that seemed to come from my backyard. It was quite a terrible sound that kept on rattling continuously. I decided to move my backyard to make an inspection. When I reached my backyard, I heard that sound coming from the bushes. I took out my flash light immediately and put its flash straight towards the bushes. I was terrified to notice a strange creature inside the bushes. My whole body trembled to see that creature which was so ugly looking with terrible big eyes. A bit later, I  was shocked to find him talking using human language in a different tone. The creature informed me about his weak condition and requested me to help him to get back to his world. I pitied on his words and provided him with all those requirements which he demanded. The strange looking creature became quite happy and thanked me at last. He bade goodbye to me and finally disappeared from the bushes.


5. Write a letter to the editor about the growing misuse of social media. [8]


Date: 2079-01-22



Sindhupalchok (Nepal)

To the Editor

The Rising Nepal 

Subject: Growing Misuse of Social Media

Respected Sir,

I would like to put forward some of my opinions through this piece of letter regarding the growing misuse of social media in our society. As we know, in the present world social media has become one of the inseparable parts of humans' lives. It has played very vital role in shaping the roles of the societies and people. 

Social media has various positive aspects to use. By the help of social media, people have got easy access to be connected with their closets. Social media has become the source of getting news, views and reviews. It has engaged most people in the entire world. People use various platforms of social media for their entertainment. I have experienced various flaws of social media in my small society. Through these flaws within this small society, we can assume the negative impacts of social media in the whole country. Due to social media, people are on the wrong way of spoiling their lives. Some of the flaws of social media are as follows:

1. Students have become so weak in their academic sectors. They have become addicted of social media. In the present time, the result of the students is so bad.

2. Most people of  our society have become actors using TikTok.

3. Government employees also seem quite busy in the offices using social media.

4. Social media has been wrongly used for theft, abusing and criticising others.

5. Most people use it to watch bad and illegal acts.

I think that people should utilize their right time in necessary things. They should keep themselves away from negativities. They should use social medias for good purposes.

6. Write a travelogue about your visit to a new place (in about 300 words). [10]


By travelogue, we mean a description of someone's travels, given in the form of narrative, public lecture, slide show or motion picture. 

There are many beautiful places where I prefer to visit and spend my time. Among these places, Mankamana is one of the most beautiful places where I usually want to spend my times on my holidays. The journey by bus would be a joyous experience for all the visitors. It takes about three hours to reach this place by bus from Kathmandu. You can have extreme enjoyment on bus. You can get chance to see the scenic beauty in your surroundings. The flow of the river Trisuli makes you feel good all the time. When you reach the gate of Mankamana, you feel as if your heart is purified. The garden is superb. You can have chance you take photos there. The most interesting part of this trip is the ride of the cable car. It's much fun to have a ride on the cable car. As in my case, I really felt scared and excited on my first trip. My friends encouraged me not to be afraid. When I was on the cable car, I felt tremble on my feet. When I got down, I was shocked to see the crowd of people. Mankamana is always packed with a large number of people. People come to visit Mankamana from abroad too. You can see many foreign tourists over there. To worship Mankamana Mai, you have to stand in a long queue. You can get good restaurants to have your meal or breakfast. We had our meal at Thapa restaurant this time.  After having meal, we passed our time in taking photos. The scenery around Mankamana Temple is really awesome. You feel relaxed after being here. Most of our friends had prepared their diaries about that wonderful trip. That trip had really given us extreme pleasure. That trip was worthwhile experience for me. 

7. Do as instructed. [10x1=10]

a) What does the modal verb 'could' express in the sentence "The beautiful Himalayan could be seen from my room?"

i) ability  ii) permission  iii) possibility

iv) deduction

iii) possibility

b) The government............high taxes.

i) charge   ii) charges    iii) both a and b

iv) neither a nor b

ii) charges

c) It rained a lot. We enjoyed our picnic. (Make one sentence by using in spite of)

In spite of a lot of rain, we enjoyed our picnic.

d) Can you tell me where your father works? (Change into direct question)

Where does your father work? Can you tell me..?

e) Rabi said to Hem, "Where have you been all these days?" (Change into indirect speech)

Rabi asked Hem where I had been all those days.

f) We..........arrive earlier if we had not missed the bus. (Rewrite the sentence with the correct form of the verb.)

We would have arrived earlier if we hadn't missed the bus.

g) I think they should offer Dipa the job. (Change into passive) 

I think Dipa should be offered the job by them.

h) Did you come here. a taxi or on foot? (Complete the sentence with the correct preposition.)

Did you come here by a taxi or on foot?

i) Raju works in a finance company. I met him yesterday. (Join the sentences by using the relative pronoun whom)

Raju, whom I met yesterday, works in a finance company. 


j) Put the adjective leather' in the correct order in the phrase 'a black Chinese jacket'.

A black Chinese leather jacket. 

8. Do as instructed. [5x1=5]

a) Which one of the following words has a different vowel sound?

i) bread  ii) break   iii) deaf   iv) said

 iii) said

b) What is the root of the word truthfulness?

i) truth    ii) ful     iii) ness      iv) true

i) truth

c) What is the word class of the word 'whose' in the sentence 'I met the man whose car was stolen last night?'

i) adjective ii) pronoun iii) noun iv) determiner

ii) pronoun

d) Which is not true about "proximity in the sentence "The best thing about the location of the school is its 'proximity' from my house?

i) nearness  ii) vicinity  iii) adjacency iv) distance

iv) distance

e) Which one is not the content word in the sentence 'My Chinese chair might have been stolen from the room?'

i) Chinese  ii) chair  iii) have  iv) stolen

iii) have                    


                            The End






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