Neb Class 12 Final Question Paper 2080 with Solution | Compulsory English Class 12 Province 3 | Old is Gold 12


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Neb Class 12 Final Question Paper 2080 with Solution | Compulsory English Class 12 Province 3 | Old is Gold 12

Compulsory English Final Question 2080

Table of Contents

           NEB-GRADE XII 2080 (2023)

                Compulsory English

                       New Course

             (For regular students only)

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Time: 3 hrs.

Full Marks: 75

Attempt all questions      

PASSAGE (15 MARKS)        

                       Group 'A'

1. Read the following text and complete the tasks that follow. 15

Can you imagine a college without walls, professors or classrooms ? Educator Bunker Roy can. More than 40 years ago, Roy, now 69, founded the Barefoot college in Tilonia, Rajasthan. His school admits rural women, often grandmothers and teaches them the basics of solar engineering and freshwater technology. His efforts have yielded enormous benefits. When the women return to their homes, they are trained enough to provide their communities, some of the world's most lonely places, with electricity and clean water. They also gain something important: a new found self confidence. The Barefoot model has already been used to empower women throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Last year, former president, Bill Clinton presented Roy with a Clinton Global Citizen Award, which honours leaders who are solving the world's problems in effective ways.

If you go all over the world, to very remote villages, you will often find only very old people and very young people. The men have already left. So, two ideas were put into practice in order to make the Barefoot model work. First, it was declared that men are untrainable, restless, always ready to move, ambitious, and they all want a certificate to show for their efforts. And the moment you give one of them a certificate, he leaves the village looking for a job in the city. That is how, the simple, practical solution of training grandmothers came up. They are sympathetic, tolerant, willing to learn, and patient. All the qualities you need are there. And the second idea was not to give out certificates. Because the moment a certificate is given, a woman, like a man, will see it as a passport for leaving rural areas and going to urban areas to find a job.

Barefoot college follows the lifestyle of Mahatma Gandhi; students eat, sleep and work on the floor. They can work for 20 years or they can go home the next day. As of today, 604 women solar engineers from 1083 villages in 63 countries have been trained. The engineers have given solar power to 45,000 houses. These were done by women who had never left their homes before. They hate the idea of leaving their families and getting on a plane. When they reach India, sometimes after 19 hours of travel, they are faced with strange food, strange people and strange language. All the training is done in sign language. Yet in six months, they will know more about solar engineering than most university graduates. Some women face problems at home for attending college. Most of the husbands do not like their wives going to these colleges and tell them not to come back if they do so. But, on her return when she is able to help, provide her village with solar electricity, her husband wants her to get back home. The respect she now has is enormous and she considers, herself no less than solar engineers. Bunker Roy dreams of providing the world's 47 least developed countries with Barefoot college trained grandmothers, and solar-electrify more than 1,00,000 houses.

A. Complete the following sentences using the words highlighted in the text. Two of those words are not necessary. 5x1=5

a. I could not understand what he is saying, Can you tell me which................ he is speaking?


b. The children in my class always become..................near the end of the lecture.


c. A group of volunteers............ a club and started to raise funds to help the poor people.


d. On completion of the training, everyone will be awarded a .................


e. I have no idea why she is behaving in a .................way today.


B. Read the text again and write

TRUE if the statement agrees with the information given in the text.

FALSE if the statement contradicts the information given in the text.

NOT GIVEN if there is no information in the text. 5x1=5

a. Barefoot college was established forty years ago.


b. According to the passage, Bunker Roy is sixty nine years old.


c. Roy's father encouraged him to set up Barefoot college.

》Not Given

d. Barefoot college enrolled only grandmothers who are willing to leave their homes.


e. Majority of the men from the remote villages moved to city in search of work. 


C. Read the text again and answer the following questions in ONE SENTENCE each. 5x1=5

a. In what way do you think Barefoot college is different from other colleges?


Barefoot college is different from other colleges as it often admits rural grandmothers for training.

b. How was Roy's work recognised?


Roy's work was recognised with honour. He received a Clinton Global Citizen Award, which recognizes individuals and organizations for their outstanding efforts in resolving global issues.

c. Why does the author mention the word 'passport' in the second paragraph?


The author mentions the word 'passport' in the second paragraph to provide examples of working women who travel to urban regions immediately after receiving their certificate and leaving their work in rural communities. They use their certificate as a passport to quit their work in the countryside and find jobs in urban areas.

d. Do you agree or disagree with the ideology of Bunker Roy? Why, why not? Give a reason.


Yes, I agree with the ideology of Bunker Roy. It is because his ideology encourages and instils confidence in women while also offering them significant advantages in the fields of freshwater and solar engineering. 

e. What is the main idea of the text?


The main idea of the text is to empower women by giving them technology skills so they can help others.


2. Write short answers to the following questions in about 75 words each. 5x2=10

a) Describe the feeling of the young couple when they first arrived at a new place. (Neighbours)


This short story "Neighbours" has been written by an Austrian writer Tim Winton. This story is about a false judgement. This story has presented the concept that human relationship is beyond linguistic and cultural barriers. When the young couple first arrived at a new place, they discovered new neighbours and felt awful. Because of their neighbours' different languages, customs, behaviours, and hobbies, they had a very negative attitude toward them. They were embarrassed and irritated to discover a loud Macedonian family living next door on their left. This family was notorious for constantly making noise through their loud discussions. Similar to this, an elderly Polish widower on their right used to cause a commotion by pounding and nailing things without a purpose. They determined that their biggest annoyance came from these two neighbours.


1. Neighbours by Tim Winton Detailed Summary

Neighbours by Tim Winton Short Summary & Questions and Answers


What is the significance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? (Human Rights and the Age of Inequality)


The essay "Human Rights and the Age of Inequality" has been written by American writer Samuel Moyn. Here in this essay, Samuel Moyn deals with the drastic mismatch between the egalitarian crisis and the human rights remedy that demands not a substitute but a supplement. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a document that acts like a global road map for freedom and equality. Its significance is to protect the rights of every individual, everywhere. It was the first time countries agreed on the freedoms and rights that deserve universal protection for every individual to live their lives freely, equally and in dignity.


5. Human Rights and the Age of Inequality Summary

Human Rights and the Age of Inequality Questions and Answers

b) Differentiate between knowledge and wisdom. (Knowledge and Wisdom)

The essay 'Knowledge and Wisdom' has been written by a British writer Bertrand Arthur William Russell. Both knowledge and wisdom are not synonymous. These two aspects are two different things. Knowledge is defined as the acquisition of data and information whereas wisdom is defined as the practical application and use of knowledge to create value.  Knowledge is acquired through study, research, experience, etc., but wisdom is acquired through learning and practical experience and not merely by memorization.  It tells us how to use this knowledge to our best advantage or the good of humanity.  If knowledge is the engine, wisdom is the driver.


3. Knowledge and Wisdom by Bertrand Russell

Knowledge and Wisdom Questions and Answers


Why is one not the centre of the world? Explain. (Humility)


This essay 'Humility' has been written by Israeli writer Yuval Noah Harari. The author has presented the conflicting history of human civilization in the text. One is not the centre of the world because the claim of being the centre isn't truly unique. The claim itself is fake. It is the product of egotism and racism. There is always the conflict between different claims of different groups. This is the main cause of conflicts among human civilizations.


4. Humility by Yuval Noah Harari Summary

Humility by Yuval Noah Harari Questions and Answers

c) Briefly describe your impression of the Famous Actress. (A Matter of Husbands)


I think The Famous Actress in this play is extremely talented in twisting her opinions. She is quite a clever character along with beauty and youth. She is quite a good actress who works in theatre. She is quite good at acting. She seems so innocent in her outer appearance. But she is quite deceptive and wicked inwardly. Here in this play, she has been suspected and blamed by the Earnest Young Woman. She has a good quality of speech. She defends herself quite tactfully. She convinces Earnest Young Woman with her reasoning. The way she tells stories to prevent a woman from believing that her husband is having an affair with her is cunning and deceitful.  She also leads an immoral life which is seen at the end of the story where it is revealed that Alfred, the husband of an Earnest Young Woman, was actually in her house. 


A Matter of Husbands by Ferenc Molnar Short Summary & Questions and Answers

d) Do you think that Mrs. Baroda, towards the end of the story, really wanted to invite Mr. Gouvernail back to her home? Give your reasons. (A Respectable Woman)


Yes, I think that Mrs. Baroda, towards the end of the story, really wanted to invite Mr. Gouvernail back to her home. At the end of the story, her expression was quite puzzling enough. Her husband Mr. Gaston got surprised by his wife's expression. She stated that she had overcome everything and she would be nice to him on Mr. Gouvernail's next visit. Her strange statement in delighting tone created confusion but I think she really wanted to invite him back to her home and treat him in a fine way.


2. A Respectable Woman by Kate Chopin Detailed Summary

A Respectable Woman by Kate Chopin Short Summary & Questions and Answers

e) Explain the following lines from the poem Every Morning I Wake with reference to the context.

We are not wholly bad or good

Who lives our live under Milk Wood,

And Thou, I know, wilt be the first

To see our best side, not our worst.


This stanza has been taken from the poem "Every Morning I Wake" by Robert Burns. Here in this stanza, the speaker has put forward the concept of the finest judgement of the almighty God. God is omniscient ( Knowing all) and knows perfectly about his children. The speaker admits that the children of God ie people living under Milk Wood aren't completely good or bad. All his children are with different mentalities and qualities. They are with good as well as bad qualities. But, the speaker has deep faith in the finest judgement of God. According to him, God is the first who sees the best as well as the positive aspects of all his children ignoring the worst aspects. This stanza has focused on the judgement of the almighty God which is full of positivity and favourable for all the people of this planet.


2. Every Morning I Wake by Dylan Thomas Detailed Summary

Every Morning I Wake by Dylan Thomas Short Summary & Questions and Answers

LONG Q & A (150 WORDS)

3. Write long answers to the following questions in about 150 words each. 2x5=10

a) Explain the following lines from the poem 'Soft Storm' with reference to the context.

I become soft

When I saw

a blood-stained shirt

speaking in the earth's ears

with bruised human lips

in the far corner

under the moon

of history and dreams

playing hide and seek

in open museums

of human times.


This stanza has been taken from the poem "Soft Storm" by Abhi Subedi. Here in this poem, the poet Abhi Subedi, with a touch of compassion, contemplates over the absurdities of tumultuous times. This poem is based on observation and analysis of the main speaker or the poet.

In this stanza, the speaker presents the inhuman act. The speaker becomes soft again to see a blood-stained shirt ( a wounded man) on this barbaric and lawless land under the moon in a far corner. The person is seriously wounded and he is yelling out for help with his bruised lips in the ear of this earth. His cry cannot be heard. He cries in pain and asks for help but the people are so indifferent. No one cares for him and his pain. This land under the moon is the land of history and dreams but people on this land are quite away from the concept of humanity. All the people are showy and living their so-called lives being selfish. All of them don't have feelings regarding others' lives. They are playing the game of hide and seek in these open museums (different human residents) of human times. Here, their time is referred to as human times but there is no concept regarding humanity. Everyone is living so-called human lives wearing a fake mask of humanity. 


5 Soft Storm Detailed Summary ( Abhi Subedi)

Soft Storm by Abhi Subedi Questions and Answers 


Do you think the relationships of childhood are innocent, impartial and disinterested? Why, why not? Give reasons based on the story 'My Old Home'.


Yes, I think the relationships of childhood are innocent, impartial and disinterested. This story has supported this statement. The story has presented various examples regarding relationship between the childhood friends like Xun and Runtu. In the story, we find their friendship beyond various social barriers. In their childhood, we find them passing their time playing and sharing their ideas being free from bias. Their friendship is so sacred that there are no feelings of class differences. They play with each other without having any concept of master and servant. They are seen as quite unaware of the so-called societal concepts of class differences. We don't find any impartiality between them. They enjoy each moment freely being innocent. We only find the true friendship between them. In most cases, childhood friendship always has similar aspects as seen in the text. There is always a deep relationship between the kids. Childhood friendship always remains far away from societal so-called negative aspects. It is so pure relationship where there are no negative aspects like class differences, biasness, discrimination etc. Childhood friendship depends on enjoyment, care, love and affection. 


b) Do you think money is the chief determinant of maintaining relationship between characters in the play 'Facing Death'? Why, why not? Give reasons to support your answer.


Here in this play "Facing Death" money has played a very vital role in the life of Mr. Durand and his daughters. Money is the first and foremost thing that has become the sole cause behind all the problems in this drama. The economic hardships of Mr. Durund's family have forced the entire family members to live miserable life with a lack of various essential needs. This family has been presented in agony due to hunger. Due to the economic crisis, the family is unable to buy bread. Mr. Durand has to live with hunger for a long time. He is even seen eating rat bait in the drama. Mr. Durund is unable to provide for the basic needs of his daughters due to this economic crisis.  The relationship between Mr. Durand and Mrs. Durand also deteriorated due to the struggle to lose wealth.  The daughters do not like the father because he doesn't have enough money to support the family. Economic crisis leads them to convert their living house into a lodge. Here, we find that money determines the relationship between the characters. Mr. Durand's three daughters hate and blame him most of the time. They show their rude behaviour to him. The daughters do not even give a glass of milk because the father cannot bring bread.  They snatched the glass of milk from him.  They snatch the matches from him when he goes to smoke. They show their kind behaviour to their father when their father says "I'll bring you money."  They even kiss him lovingly. They use the words kindness and love.  They even apologize for their rude behaviour.   


Facing Death by August Strindberg Short Summary & Questions and Answers


4. Write a news story in approximately 150 words that is to be published in The Rising Nepal about a senior social worker's visit in your college/school. 7


A Senior Social Worker's Visit to Our School 

The Rising Nepal


Last day, during the afternoon time, a senior social worker from our locality visited our school. His name is Mr. Ram Prasad Sharma.  He is a very active and cheerful person. He is very kind and helpful to everyone. He often comes to our school. From the time of his arrival, all of us students became very happy because he is a very nice person. Mr Ram Prasad took different classes in our school.  His classes were short and engaging. In a short time, he taught us very important rules about discipline and the rights of children. He created quite a funny atmosphere in a very short time. He also told us about the importance of education in the life of the students. Later, he had a meeting with our teachers. The meeting lasted for 1 hour. He handed over various types of educational equipment to the Principal of our school. In the final assembly, he again told about his experiences regarding his study. Our Principal told us about the educational tools provided to us. We were all very happy to see the different equipment. Mr Ram Prasad also promised to bring new bags for all the students in the coming days. We all appreciated being very happy.

5. Your school has recently opened a vacancy for different positions. Write a job application with your complete CV that is to be mailed to your school. (State your age, qualifications, experience, hobby etc, but do not write your school's name). 8 


May 9, 2023

To the Principal,
XYZ School

Subject: Application for the post of Secondary level English teacher

Respected Sir,

     I put forward this piece of application to you especially to apply for the Vacant post of Secondary level English teacher in your school. Regarding your advertisement published in Kantipur Daily, dated 5th April 2023, I came to know about this Vacant post of Secondary level English teacher. I have submitted all the required essential documents for this Vacant post along with this handwritten application. I would like to present the following particulars for your kind inspection and consideration. 

I'm an energetic person of 24 years old. I'm keenly interested in the teaching profession, especially English subject. I have three years of teaching experience in the field of teaching too. I have Bachelor's and Masters's credentials in the fine division. I have done diploma in computer application from the Creative Art institution.

If you provide me with an opportunity to work in your school, I will try my best to satisfy you.

I have attached all the photocopies of my original certificates, a copy of my Bio-Data along with P.P. size photo in this mail.

I am looking forward to your kind response.

                                                                            Yours Sincerely 

Anil Bohara 

                       Curriculum Vitae 

Name: Anil Bohara

Father's Name: Ran Bahadur Bohara

Mother's Name: Chitra Kumari Bohara

Date of Birth: 01 / 03 / 1999

Sex: Male

Age: 24

Address: Tekanpur-6 (Sindhupalchok)

Nationality: Nepali

Gender: Male

Marital Status: Single

Religion: Hindu

Email: [email protected]

Academic Qualification: Degree from a reputed University in the year 2022

Experience: 3 years of teaching experience in Parwat Boarding School 

Hobby/Interest: Reading books, Surfing the net, Travelling and Making friends 

Contact No: 9851023444

Reference: Rajesh Bohara, Chairman of Ward 6, Contact: 9877234321

6. Write an essay in about 300 words about the advantages of virtual class. 10 


Virtual learning is a combination of computer software and internet for delivering instructions/lectures to students.  It is a technique for using technology to improve learning, whether at home or in a formal educational setting.  (Of course, it's not about learning on the fly; it's about taking knowledge as it comes)

The participants or students can view, communicate, interact and discuss various topics in a virtual classroom.  They can also do one-on-one sessions with their instructor.  Concurrent connections on the Internet are now possible thanks to videoconferencing tools.  Best of all, it allows you to be together virtually anywhere in the world.

Now let's talk about the advantages of Virtual Classroom.

Advantages Of Virtual Classroom:

As you can already see, computers are already present in practically every industry, including education.  Online virtual classrooms or virtual learning are more flexible since they allow students to study whenever and wherever they choose without being tied to a specific class.

1. Time-Saving

By taking classes online from the convenience of your living room, you can save a significant amount of time and money.  Live virtual classes save commuting time and money as there is no need to step out of the home to go to school/college to learn. Additionally, study at the designated time and complete all other household tasks without difficulty.

2. Increased Convenience

There are no rules against being late to class or skipping lectures while learning virtually.  Fewer restrictions and more flexibility allow students to complete their coursework whenever they choose and on their own time.  They can better understand the information being taught in class, focus on their homework, and take quizzes and tests when it's most convenient for them.

3. Sharpen Digital Skills

Many people find the sharpening of one’s digital skills quite impressive. The learner not only learns the subjects/courses online but also keeps learning how to be a pro in using digital platforms. It helps develop skills and increase knowledge in the area of study.

Many people find that improving their digital literacy is highly beneficial. Students continue to develop their skills in using digital platforms in addition to learning online subjects and courses. It helps in skill development and expansion of knowledge in the area of study.

4. Super Affordable

Saving money benefits both the organization and the student participating in virtual learning. When learning transitions to a digital platform, the cost of setting up a classroom with the required facilities becomes irrelevant. Students also save money by not travelling to the organization to study.

5. Immediate Test & Exam Results

One of the most significant benefits of the virtual classroom is the immediate feedback.  After taking an online exam, it takes less time to receive the results, and one can assess their performance much sooner.


7. Do as indicated in the brackets and rewrite the sentences. 10

a) The little girl danced really ........ in the annual programme of the school. (Complete the sentence with an appropriate adverb.)

The little girl danced really nicely in the annual programme of the school.

b) One of the boys...................still working on the project assigned by the teacher. (Put the correct 'be' verb in the space)

One of the boys is still working on the project assigned by the teacher. 

c) The street had a nasty jam. There........................(might/must/could/would) have been a demonstration of some political parties. (Put the most appropriate modal auxiliary verb.)

The street had a nasty jam. There must have been a demonstration of some political parties.

d) I do not, in fact, know who she is staring.......... (on/in/at/with). (Put a suitable preposition in the space.)

 I do not, in fact, know who she is staring at.

e) I am not sure of why she was so upset and distracted that day. her past memories. (Use the appropriate form of the verb 'overcome'.)

I am not sure of why she was so upset and distracted that day. She had been overcome by her past memories.

f) Students generally dislike.................. (giving/given/to be given/being given)strict instructions by the administration. (Choose the correct option.)

 Students generally dislike being given strict instructions by the administration.

g) It is almost impossible for one to works hard. (Put a correct conjunction in the space.)

It is almost impossible for one to succeed but one works hard.

h) They saw a man in the river, (who/whose/whom/that) would be an inspiration for them to know how struggle pays in life. (Choose the appropriate relative pronoun.)

They saw a man in the river, who would be an inspiration for them to know how struggle pays in life.

i) No one loves people teasing them in the public. (Change into passive voice.)

No one loves being teased in the public.

j) "I didn't catch you. Is it 50 or 80 ?" the customer said. (Change into indirect speech.)

The customer asked if it was 50 or 80.

(5) Choose and copy the correct alternatives. (5x1=5)

a) Which one of the following words has a different final sound ?

(i) rough

(ii) tough

(iii) though

(iv) calf


b) I got a beautiful present in my birthday. The word 'present' in this sentence is...................

(i) an adjective

(ii) an adverb

(iii) a verb

(iv) a noun

a noun

c) Which one of the following words has a prefix ?

i) unity

(ii) under

(iii) union

(iv) unfair


d) Which one of the following words comes between 'bore' and 'brace' in the dictionary entry?

i) border

(ii) bracelet

(iii) box

(iv) boost


e) Nothing can..................for the loss of a child. Which of the following phrasal verbs completes this sentence ?

i) make up

(ii) make over

(iii) make off

(iv) make into

make up






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